Paytel  Terms of use Policy.
  After the first 6 months your Paytel number has to continually receive no less than 5 minutes of calls per month (or 15 minutes on average over 3 months).  Should your Paytel number receive less than 15 minutes over a 3 month period we will give you a 30 day notice that your number will become eligible for recycling should the situation not change. If after a further 30 days there is no change   the number will be suspended and made available for recycling.  This number may then be assigned to other customers.
  • - Cancellation of the number/trials or refunds must be claimed before the free trial expires. 
  • - Upon signup, the last day of the 30 day trial will be displayed.  Please ensure that your refund or cancellation is claimed before such date or no refund will be eligible after the trial has ended.   Once the trial has expired you will be eligible to pay the once off activation fee agreed upon during the signup process.
  • - Should payment have failed during the  signup process and should no cancellation have been received during the 30 day trial the customer  will still be eligible to pay for the activation of the Paytel service. 
  • - If Paytel is unable to deduct payment for active numbers (after the 30 day trial has ended) Paytel may suspend the service or reattempt to process payment  any number of times at any time after activation for up to 6 months after the number has become fully active (permanently active).
  • - No Refund will be eligible for numbers which are suspended due to abuse or not following the applicable advertising guidelines
  When publishing your number please follow the following rules.
  • - Advertising material that contains your Paytel number should display cost of the service of R 2.85.
  • - The cost should be displayed in a font size no less that 30% of the font size of the Paytel number.
  •  - Example of advertising  i.e.  Call 083 3492 0293  (Vas rates apply, No Free minutes)  or  Please call 083 3920 2029 (call charged at R 2,85)
  • - The penalty of not adhering to these guidelines will either be suspension of the relevant number or retention of revenues.
  The minimum payment amount is R50 so should the amount owed to you be less than R50.00 it will be rolled over to the next month for payment.